Initializing smart meters

Activating a realtime (RT) account

In order to activate a previously registered account end-users need to onboard their meters to their account. These meters can be real-time devices or smart meters with data coming from either a datahub or through file imports.

In the case of a realtime device end-users need to use the onboard meter call, which requires the hardware to be both online and not associated with any other account currently active in the platform.

An example call in cURL format is described below:

curl --request PUT \
     --url https://<CE_API_BASE_URL>/v2/registration/onboard/<EUI64>/false \
     --header 'accept: application/json'

If successful the response of the token call will be like:

  "status": "ok",
  "message": "ok"

Once this call is completed the end-user is in the active state and is ready to fully use the platform.

Activating a smart meter account

For an end-user that doesn't have a realtime device an account of the AMR-NILM-noHW type should be provisioned using the Account Management API. It is also possible to provision the meters for an end-user, so that when meter data is received through either the Measurement File Importer or through a datahub connection the user will automatically transition from registered to active.

To provision a user, the following payload should be sent to the POST /account endpoint of the Account Management API.

    "labelpartner": "YNNI",
    "customer_info": {
        "external_account_id": "9999999999332",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "contact_info": {
            "firstname": "John",
            "lastname": "Doe"

    "installation_info": [{
        "external_installation_id": "9999832104326",
        "labelpartner": "YNNI",
        "meters": [{
            "external_meter_id": "9999167256101",
            "meter_input_method": "IMPORT",
            "meter_energy_type": "GAS",
            "meter_serial_number": "9999167256101"
        }, {
            "external_meter_id": "9999167256102",
            "meter_input_method": "IMPORT",
            "meter_energy_type": "ELECTRICITY",
            "meter_serial_number": "9999167256102"
        "service_information": {
            "service_type": "AMR-NILM-noHW"
    "create_verified_user": true