Billing notifications

Bill prediction alerts

NET2GRID Insight supports alerts that are triggered when the total energy consumption is expected to exceed the estimated usage on the next accounting date. These notifications can be useful for end-users that pay a fixed amount every month as a pre-payment and at the end of their billing period the bill with the accounted energy consumption is issued (for example once per year).
In order for these alerts to work the following requirements need to be met:

  1. The customer needs to provide billing information for each end user that includes also the
    start and end of the billing period.
  2. The end-user needs to specify their preferences with regards to the notifications with Set Bill Prediction Notification Parameters endpoint.

Based on the current usage and the load curve that is used to estimate the expected usage at the end of the billing period NET2GRID Insight triggers the following alerts based on the thresholds and the frequency that the end-user has specified:

Notification CodeDescription
BP001.1Bill is expected to exceed monthly payments based on the energy usage until now.
BP001.2Bill is expected to be lower than the monthly payments based on the energy usage until now.

These notifications contain the following additional attributes:

Notification attributeDescription
energy_typeThe energy type for which the notification is triggered. Can be electricity or gas.
alert_statusIndicates if the estimated bill will exceed or be below the monthly payment. Allowed values are OVER and UNDER.