Other data sources

User Account data

NET2GRID gets smart meter measurements data ingested to show energy usage and breakdown for a household. In order to couple the energy data to a user and household, some way of account identification is required.

The data model of the Customer Engagement service has the following important objects:

  • The label partner
    The label_partner tag is used to identify the group within the customer domain to which a user belongs. The label partner tag can be used to provide similar services for various brands, labels, subsidiaries or countries from the same service platform setup.
  • The user
    Important parameters are the external_account_id and email_address (for registration and notification).
  • The installation
    The installation describes the household. Currently a user can only be linked to a single installation. Important parameters for the installation are the external_installation_id, postal_code (for weather information) and the installation profile parameters that are detailed in Managing Installation Profile Information. Installation profile information is usually derived via user input in the app.
  • The meter
    In order to identify energy meters in the installation, the external_meter_id of the electricity meter and the gas meter is required.

The basic information for these objects is usually already available in your CRM or other system that holds customer records. NET2GRID can help to associate the external_meter_id.

As part of the user registration process, the elementary user account data as described above needs be be provisioned in the NET2GRID system. NET2GRID provides a dedicated API for this purpose: The Account Management API.


Account Management API

To provision the Customer Engagement Service with the essential customer account data, check out the NET2GRID Account Management API .

Tariff data

Besides the energy usage part of the Customer Engagement service, users are often interested in the costs part. In other words, how does the energy consumed in kWh or m3 translate into valuta? To calculate costs requires the tariff that the energy retailer charges for the energy at that particular moment.

This means that in order to derive costs from the API for a particular energy measurements window or category, the tariff has to be provided. There are three ways of achieving this:

  • provide tariff data via the Account Management API
    The Account Management API supports tariff input calls, including the tariff of the household for offtake and injection, both for peak and off-peak, and for specific time intervals for which the tariffs apply.
  • provide tariff data via File Exchange
    The same tariff data can be regularly delivered in csv files containing delta's (updates) in a data format that is specified by NET2GRID.
  • provide tariff data via the CE-API as described in Managing energy contract information section.

NET2GRID is specialized in energy insights and the Insight platform is not a billing system. Therefore, precise billing data and invoices need to be retrieved from the energy retailer customer care and billing systems.


Do you want to integrate energy costs in the app?

Reach out to receive the Account Management Open API specification and/or Tariff File Exchange specification.