The flow that should be followed when the end user will be authenticating through

For an end user to be registered in the NET2GRID Insight it is a prerequisite that the customer provisions the end user first. After that, the deciding factor of how to proceed is if the user needs to verify their email or not to proceed with the registration. In case the email verification is not required or has been verified based on the email verification steps described below the app should proceed with letting the end user specify their password.

CE API provides the following endpoint to allow end users to set their password:

POST /v2/registration/no-gateway
No authorization required

The request body should contain the email address and the password that should be set for the end user to authenticate like:

 "email_address": "<email>",
 "pincode": "<password>"

For the call to be successful it is required that:

  • the email address is known to NET2GRID Insight Platform - has been provisioned
  • there is not an end user account activated already with the provided email
  • the pincode provided meets the criteria for the password policy that applies to the platform
 "email_address": "<email>",
 "pincode": "<password>",


Password Policies

The password policy that will apply to all end user is agreed upon customer registration. The most common password policies that are used for end users are:

  • Pincode
    • 6 characters
    • Contain only numeric characters
  • Password
    • 6-16 characters
    • Can contain numbers
    • Can contain special characters _ ! " ( ) = [ ] { } ? + * ~ # , ; . -
    • Can contain uppercase/lowercase latin letters (a-zA-Z)
    • German characters are not allowed.

Full documentation of the above call can be found here.

After a successful execution of this endpoint the end user should be able to get a token that will be used for their authentication in all the relevant CE API endpoints.

Reset password

In order to reset the password of a user, CE-API provides the /registration/resetpassword endpoint that will send an email to the end user containing a URL that will be used to set their new password.

POST /v2/registration/resetpassword/<EMAIL_ADDRESS>

Change password

If the end-user knows their current password and wants to update it, CE-API provides the /registration/setpassword endpoint.