Flexible Report Mechanism

A new mechanism allowing SmartBridges to report low resolution energy measurements to save server operating costs, while maintaining on-the-edge features and on-demand high resolution power measurements in real time.


The Flexible Report Mechanism is a new feature aimed at optimizing resource utilization and delivering substantial cost savings for the INSIGHT platform which can reach up to 41%!

The Smart Bridges are equipped with an updated firmware that enables them to transmit energy measurements to the cloud at 15-minute intervals. This optimization leads to significant cost savings by reducing cloud storage requirements. Moreover, all On-The-Edge functionality, from smart alerts to real-time appliance usage detection, remain fully intact.

Getting Started

This mechanism can be applied to the appropriate end users only in a B2B way. Customers need to set the users' service type to RT-LR-NILM-HW using the Account Management API. Once this is performed, the Smart Bridges will immediately change their reporting frequency to Low Resolution and will report one measurement every 15 minutes.

Smart Bridge Reporting Modes

Low Resolution

Once the appropriate service type is applied, by default the Smart Bridge will use the Low Resolution report mode, which downsamples the energy measurements and reports one value every 15 minutes to the platform in real time. The data can be accessed the same way as for high resolution users, via the following endpoints:

Instantaneous power measurements are not reported by this report mode at all. That is, the following endpoints will not return any power value, unless the Real-time Override mode is used.

Real-time Override

This mode allows end users to receive their instantaneous power consumption feed in high resolution for a limited period of time.

This enables customers to build real-time views in their client applications, helping users to obtain a very clear view of the energy that is currently consumed within their installation. More information of how to retrieve and display this information in an app can be found in the Real-Time Power section.

The user can enable this mode via the CE-API, using the PUT /smartbridge/report-mode/real-time endpoint. It has an optional parameter called "duration" which can control for how long the Real-time Override mode will be active until it reverts back to Low Resolution.

To avoid interruptions in the real time view, the client application can re-submit the aforementioned command before its expiration as long as the user is still actively using it. This will ensure that the internal timer responsible for reverting the Real-time Override mode will be reset, and the "duration" specified in the body of the API will be reapplied.

High Resolution

In case there is a business need to provide the High Resolution service to end users, this is always possible, but only via the Account Management API. Customers will only have to change the users' service type to RT-HR-NILM-HW and the devices will automatically start reporting data in High Resolution and disaggregation at the appliance level will be enabled from that day onward.