Onboarding process

In this section the onboarding process for end users in NET2GRID Insight Platform will be described and defined in terms of how the state of an end-user account & installation impacts the availability of the Customer Engagement API endpoints.

The onboarding process of end-users in NET2GRID Insight consists of 3 steps:

  1. Provisioning an account via the B2B Account Management API
  2. Completing the registration of the end-user as described in the User registration section
  3. Activating the account of the end-user by setting up the infrastructure for the user to receive measurements associated to their account as described in the Authenticating users section.

Once the onboarding process is complete the end-user will be able to use all the CE-API endpoints that are relevant to the services that have been enabled in your dedicated customer instance of NET2GRID Insight Platform.


In this state an end-user is "known" to the NET2GRID Insight Platform so that the registration process can be initiated.


In this state the registration process of the end-user has been completed and the user can authenticate in the CE-API.

Only some endpoints are available at this state. They are mainly the endpoints that will need to be triggered to activate the end-user's installation but also endpoints that describe the state of the end-user so that the app can identify that the next actions should be targeted to activating the account. More information about these endpoints may be found in the Activating users section.


In this state the end-user account is ready to receive or has already started to receive energy measurements. This is the dependency for most of the CE-API endpoints to work.

Once a user reaches the "active" state then they can proceed with Setting up end-user profile and preferences