This section contains the CE-API Deprecation Calendar along with the relevant replacement guides.

CE-API Deprecation Calendar

API VersionDeprecate ResourceReplacement ResourceEnd of SupportDiscontinuationGuides
v11.73.0false value of the imported boolean body parameter of the POST /registration/provision endpointimported parameter's value will default to trueNovember 29 2023Nov 29 2024Self-provisioning flow
v11.64.0data_type field of the GET /customer/service-type endpointdata_granularity and intraday fields (same endpoint)November 13 2023Nov 13 2024Service type changes
v11.64.0 POST /profile & GET /profile- POST /billing/tariff-definition
- POST /billing/budget-definition
- GET /billing/tariff-definition
- GET /billing/budget-definition
November 13 2023Nov 13 2024Installation profile management