E-mail verification


Email verification is a process that is recommended to be used for security reasons especially in cases where the email address of the end user has not been verified by the customer before provisioning the end user in NET2GRID Insight Platform.


When the customer specifies during end user provisioning

  • that the email verification is not required, NET2GRID trusts that the email address and PII information provided is valid and truthful,
  • otherwise, e-mail verification is required and the following CE-API endpoint should be called to trigger the e-mail verification during registration.

E-mail verification

The email verification is initiated by the following CE API endpoint:

POST /v2/registration/provision
No authorization required

An example screen from Ynni app on this step is available below:

The body of the response should look like the following:

  "first_name": "<firstname>",
  "last_name": "<lastname>",
  "email_address": "<email>",
  "labelpartner": "<labelpartner name>",
  "imported": "true"


  • first_name, last_name and email_address should match a provisioned end user in NET2GRID Insight Platform that has not been activated yet
  • labelpartner should match the name of the labelpartner that has been defined for the end user when provisioning. The applicable names for labelpartners will be provided by NET2GRD during customer onboarding
  • imported flag should be set to true

A successful execution of the call should return a successful response

  "status": "ok",
  "message": "ok"

and will result in an email being sent to the provided email address. On Ynni app this is visible to the end user via a relative screen:

The email will contain a link that when pressed the verification will be considered successful. On Ynni app the email will look like the following:


Deep linking setup

It is recommended that deep linking has been setup on Insight so that the app opens directly when the link is pressed. In this case the app should trigger the Verify User CE API endpoint. Please contact NET2GRID for further instructions.