Welcome to the developer guides of the Customer Engagement API of NET2GRID Insight Platform.

The NET2GRID customer engagement service is developed for customers, such as energy retailers, OEMs and other service providers that want to offer their customers insights in the energy behaviour of their household. The customer engagement API offers a wide range of endpoints for app developers of the service providers to create or enrich energy apps for their particular use case.


Before being able to integrate with the NET2GRID Insight Platform the customer onboarding phase should have been completed. This means the following information should now be available:

  • The hostname that points to the dedicated NET2GRID Insight Platform instance;
  • Credentials to connect with the dedicated NET2GRID Insight Platform instance, consisting of a client_id and client_secret;


These guides use some basic terminology which is explained in the table below.

CustomerYou, the service provider or the platform that is integrating with NET2GRID Insight Platform.
Account Management APINET2GRID API that is used for provisioning users and tariffs from a B2B perspective. Usually the Account Management API is invoked from a CRM or other Customer Care system with customer account detail records.
CE-APIShort for Customer Engagement API
CSDCurrent Summation Delivered. This meter value shows the amount of energy (in watt-hours) delivered from the grid to the household.
CSRCurrent Summation Received. This meter value shows the amount of energy (in watt-hours) that is delivered back from the household to the grid.
Customer Engagement APIThe NET2GRID API targeted at app developers of customers to provide energy insights to the users of their apps.
ChannelA media source through which notifications are sent to the user. Currently supported channels are email, mobile push notifications and in-app inbox.
EVElectric Vehicle
EUIExtended Unique Identifier. In this guide this refers to a value uniquely identifying the SmartBridge device.
FeedinSynonymous to Injection
HouseholdA home residence with its occupants.
InjectionThe amount of electricity (in kWh) that has been injected back into the grid, e.g. via solar production. This is calculated via the meter CSR value (how much electricity the electricity company has received from the household)
InstallationThe combination of meters, appliances and properties that describe a household.
Instantaneous Demand (IDD)This meter value shows the amount of power that is used in the household.
Label partnerA group level within the customer account on a single platform to manage the service for different labels, subsidiaries, countries etc.
NET2GRID Insight PlatformThe NET2GRID platform hosted on a dedicated customer AWS account that facilitates all services described in this API
Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)The science of disaggregating electricity consumption from real-life measurements at the appliance/activity level.
Notification topicA predefined category referring to a set of notifications which can be muted or unmuted by end-users.
OfftakeThe amount of electricity (in kWh) that has been taken off the grid. This calculated via the meter CSD value (how much electricity the electricity company has delivered to the household)
Power (P)Electrical power is the rate at which electrical energy is transferred by an electric circuit. The SI unit of power is the watt, one joule per second.
PVPhotovoltaic. Photovoltaic systems, like solar panels which convert sunlight into electrical energy.
Real-time dataEnergy measurements derived from NET2GRID hardware, usually with a high data granularity of 1-10 seconds and near real-time availability.
SmartBridgeA hardware device developed by NET2GRID that can be connected to a smart meter to provide real-time data to the NET2GRID Insight Platform via the WiFi of the household.
Smart Meter data (Deprecated term)Energy measurements derived from Meter Data Management systems or data hubs, usually with a granularity of 15-160 minutes and day before availability.
SDPService Delivery Platform. This is the former name of the Customer Engagement API (CE API)
UserThe users consuming the information provided by your platform.