Managing notification topics

As mentioned in the introduction, topics serve the purpose of categorizing notifications so that they can be muted/unmuted independently from other notifications.

Some of the key characteristic concerning topics are:

  • Topics need to be defined & configured in agreement with the Customer.
  • By default all topics are unmuted.
  • Topics can be muted or unmuted on a channel level and on a channel/device level in case of push notifications

Muting a topic

To allow end users to mute a topic use the Mute notification topic CE API endpoint:

PUT /v2/notification/channel/mute_topic
Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

The request body of the call should look like the following in case the end-user wants to not receive notifications under the "APPLIANCE_EVENTS_DETECTION" topic in their email:

     "channel": "EMAIL",

while if push notifications of the same topic would be disabled, then the device_id needs to also be provided like in the example below:

     "channel": "MOBILE_PUSH",
     "device_id": "<deviceId>",


For push notifications, similar to channel enabling/disabling, the topics need to be muted/unmuted on a device level.

Unmuting a topic

Unmuting topics is very similar to muting a topic, the only difference is the endpoint path:

PUT /v2/notification/channel/unmute_topic
Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

See Unmute topic for a detailed overview of this endpoint.

Check topic status

The same endpoint and process described in the Get current notification channel state section to check if a topic is muted or not for a specific channel and device.